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Structure & Function

The Twin Lakes Regional Sewer District is an independent municipal corporation. Its purpose is to provide for the collection, treatment, and disposal of sewage inside and outside the district.

It is governed by a Board of seven (7) trustees, six (6) trustees from White County and one (1) trustee from Carroll County. The trustees are appointed by a committee made up of the three (3) White County, Indiana Commissioners and the Township Trustee from Liberty, Monon and Union Townships, for the White County appointees and the three (3) Carroll County, Indiana Commissioners and the Township Trustees from Jefferson Township for the Carroll County appointee.

The Trustees serve for a term of four years; provided, however, no Trustee shall serve more than two consecutive four year terms. All Trustee vacancies occurring on the Board shall be promptly filled for the unexpired term of the Trustee leaving the Board.

The Trustees elect their officers annually. At the first regular meeting in each year, the Board shall elect Officers from the membership for a one year term. There shall be no limit with regard to the number of terms (whether consecutive or otherwise) any board member may hold the position of secretary. No member shall hold any other office for more than three consecutive terms; provided, however, that in the event that any term of office shall commence after February 1 of any year that term of office shall not be counted toward the aforementioned three consecutive term limit. Vacancies in offices shall be filled as soon as possible by regular election procedure.

The Board of Trustees, in the conduct of their business, has certain rights. powers, and duties as outlined in the Indiana Code 13-26-1-1. They are further guided by the Open Door Law (IC 5-14-1.5), the Access to Public Records Law (IC 5-14-3-1) and by the By-Laws and Rules of Procedure, adopted by the Trustees. The Sewer Use Ordinance and the Sewer Rate Ordinance, also developed and adopted by the Trustees, are crucial to the everyday management and administration of the sewer district. The most recent edition of Roberts Rules of Order governs the conduct of all meetings and Public Hearings.

The Board of Trustees meetings are held on the Second (2nd) Thursday of each month. All meetings are at 5:30 pm at the District office, located at 921 W Executive Court, Monticello, IN 47960. These meetings are open to the public and citizen attendance is encouraged.

The President chairs the Board meetings following a prepared agenda that is posted at the entrance to the location of the meeting. Minutes of the meetings are prepared by the Secretary and are available at this web site of the District's Office for public inspection and copying. Copying charges as authorized by law will be assessed and collected.

The Board of Trustees retain through contractual agreements the services of an Attorney, Engineering firm, Rate Consultant, Bond Counsel and other specialists as required to assist the Board in carrying out its mandate. Also, the Trustees work with and maintain an important relationship with a number of County, State, and Federal Agencies.